Ramtech have been setting the standard in holiday home monitoring systems for over twenty-five years.

New to Ramtech?

If you’ve just had a Ramtech alarm installed in your holiday home, you should have a welcome booklet explaining how to use your Ramtech intruder alarm to protect your caravan. We’ve been setting the standard in holiday home monitoring systems for over twenty-five years, and we’re installed on most holiday parks in the UK, including Haven, Parkdean Resorts and Park Holidays. Together with your park operator, our aim is to keep your static caravan protected with as little hassle for you and your fellow owners and holidaymakers as possible. So your alarm system is connected to a park-wide network that your holiday park’s invested in. If your alarm is tripped – whether accidentally, through a break-in, or even if high winds cause damage off-season – it will send a silent signal to our system and to your Park’s security personnel. They can then investigate accordingly.  

Why is the alarm silent?

Simple – a silent alarm means that security personnel stand the greatest chance of apprehending any unwelcome visitors, and it also means your neighbours aren’t kept up if there’s a problem.

Why the annual subscription?

The subscription is to keep your alarm connected to your park’s system. If there are no alerts triggered, it will still check in with that system every hour it’s connected, to let the central monitor know that all is well – or if it needs a battery change. If it does need servicing or the battery changing, your subscription includes that too.

I’d like to get a Ramtech alarm installed – how do I do this?

Easy – just speak to your park office and they’ll arrange for one of our SSAIB-registered engineers to pop out at a convenient time and install your alarm. No Ramtech on your park? Ask your sales office to get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk to them about getting on board.

Do you do anything else besides alarms?

We’re keen to talk to you about other things you might find useful. Why not send us your feedback and have your say?


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