Your Ramtech security system is easy to use, but we’ve put together some FAQs in case there’s anything else you need to know. Explore below for further information on setting your alarm, installing appliance protectors, and alarm maintenance.

What’s included in my Ramtech monitoring system?

The standard monitoring system includes an alarm control unit, a motion detector and a key to operate the system. Larger holiday homes may have multiple motion detectors, and if you’ve upgraded your Ramtech alarm system you may also have a panic button, a keypad instead of a keyswitch, or appliance protectors installed. Whichever Ramtech system you have, provided you’ve activated the alarm, the security of your holiday home will be monitored 24/7.


  • I have a question about my bill, who should I talk to?

    As it’s your Park that bills you for your security system, your contract is with them rather than with us – so, you will need to speak directly with them if you have any questions or concerns about your bill.

  • What does my annual subscription cover?

    Your annual subscription keeps you connected to your Park’s bespoke wireless security monitoring network. This checks your alarm is fully operational at all times and transmits an urgent message to your on-park team if your alarm is tripped. The system also lets us know if there are any problems with your alarm, for example, if the battery is getting low, and covers the engineer callouts needed to address those and keep your system up and running.

Operating your Ramtech security system

  • I have bought a caravan which has a Ramtech Alarm installed. How do I start using it?

    Just have a chat with your Park office. If your alarm was included in the purchase of your van, they’ll give you the keys and you can start using it straight away. Your Ramtech engineer should have left an instruction booklet in your van, but you can also download a pdf instruction booklet.

    You may find, for example, if you’ve purchased a second-hand van which already had an alarm installed, that the alarm in your van needs to be connected back up to the network – if so, your Park can arrange with us for our engineer to pop out and get it up and running for you.

  • When will my Ramtech alarm trigger?

    Your alarm, if properly armed, will trigger immediately in the event of an intrusion detected by the motion sensors. Please ensure that these are kept unobstructed at all times.
    Your alarm will also trigger if any attempt is made to tamper with the system or if your panic button, if you have one, is used.

  • I have a standard keyswitch. How do I set the alarm?

    To set the alarm, turn the key clockwise to the ‘ON’ position and remove the key. You’ll hear two beeps to let you know that your alarm is armed and will have 25 seconds to exit your holiday home without triggering the alarm.

  • I have a standard keyswitch. How do I cancel the alarm?

    To disarm your alarm, insert your key and turn it anti-clockwise to the ‘OFF’ position. You’ll hear a beep to indicate you’ve successfully disarmed the system. You have 25 seconds to disarm the alarm upon entry to your holiday home.

  • I have a keypad. How do I change the alarm code?

    If you have had your alarm system upgraded to include a keypad, you can change the code by entering the existing code and then pressing “Prog”. Enter your new code, press “Prog” again, and then re-enter your new code. The keypad will then beep to indicate that your new code is set.

  • I have a keypad. How do I set my alarm?

    Enter your code and press ‘Set’. You’ll see the ‘Arming’ light flash and hear a beep to confirm that your alarm is armed. You will have 25 seconds to exit your holiday home without setting off the alarm.

  • I have a keypad. How do I cancel my alarm?

    To disarm your alarm, enter your code within 25 seconds of entering your holiday home. You’ll hear a beep and see the ‘disarming’ light flash.

  • How do I operate the Panic Button?

    If you have a panic button installed, simply press and hold for two seconds to trigger an immediate alert to park security.

  • How can I protect outdoor equipment like gas bottles with an External Appliance Protector?

    Your Park office can arrange for supply of an external appliance protector that will connect to the same security network as your standard alarm. Once you’ve got it, it’s easy to install:

    Wrap the cable around a contained section of the item and thread it back through the loop so it’s secured. Screw the connector into the connection box, which can usually be found underneath your holiday home.

  • How can I protect valuable things like my TV and games console with an Internal Appliance Protector?

    You can also use appliance protectors for valuable indoor items such as TVs and laptops. These work like shop security tags and will activate an alarm if the tag is tampered with or the cable is removed from the connection point. Ask your Park office, and they can arrange for you to have as many as you need.

    You may need to replace the sensor tag once it has been removed. To do so, simply open the clip at the end of the cable, remove the old tag, and replace and close. You’ll see the indicator LED light briefly to indicate success. Replacement security tags and cables can be obtained from your park office.

Upgrading your Ramtech security system

Keeping your Ramtech system up and running

  • What maintenance do I need to carry out on the system?

    None – you don’t need to worry about a thing! In fact, if anyone other than a Ramtech engineer attempts to carry out maintenance your warranty will be invalidated.
    Your alarm checks in with an hourly status report so that we can monitor when maintenance is required and arrange a timely engineer visit.

  • How do I renew my subscription?

    Your park will get in touch with you when it’s time to renew your subscription. You’ll find it’s easy to ensure your holiday home stays fully protected.

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